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murrieta family photographer | the Griffin family

A big thank you to Nicole for sending the beautiful Griffin family my way. It was fun getting all the items on mom’s “checklist”. I love that included in that list was individual photos of mom and dad and some photos of mom and dad together…. so important!

Titus is such a cutie!!…I love how what a beautiful, confident woman Monique is, so much more than “just” a mom…all about having a little fun together…

murrieta photographer | newborn english bulldogs x6

So it’s been a pretty busy day…. Day 60 of Minion’s pregnancy and c-section day.  I am so glad she made it full term.  Here is a quick head count… more photos than you would ever care to see probably coming over the next 8 weeks!! Love my little babies already.

Mom is doing great…. enjoying her first day as a mommy pretty drugged up!  Final Count…. Girls: 2 Boys:4